Thursday, July 31, 2014

In honor of World Trollbeads Day II

One more day before World Trollbeads Day 2014. The excitement builds and I've heard that the special bead will be extremely trollish and was designed by Søren Nielsen the original designer of Trollbeads.

CharmsAddict has a giveway for this special occasion and I posted my entry picture a couple days ago. Well, since it looks like you can enter more than once, I decided to post another picture.

The bracelet represents my daughter. Her favorite color is Purple and she loves butterflies and flowers like most little girls do. Hearts of course represent love.

I had fun with a more subtle symmetry in this bracelet, with a flower silver and a glass bead heart on the left and a glass bead flower and silver hearts on the right.

Trollbeads Mountain Flower, Purple Wave, White Heart, Fantasy Butterfly, White Flower, Purple Wave
From left to right: All beads are Trollbeads
Mountain Flower
Purple Wave
White Heart
Fantasy Butterfly
White Flower
Purple Wave
Hearts, Small

Wish me luck in the drawing tomorrow. Hope I win! Ahh just saw a leak of the picture. It's very cool and very trollish. Alas, I'm out of bead funds right now, so will just have to depend on lady luck to throw one my way.

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  1. Is this for jewelry designers? I mean the contest and give away are for designers and winners will be given give away? Kindly share more detail.