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SOL - Tree of Life Antique Silver Finish Bangle Review

Some days, I just want something simple and light. Or when I'm in a hurry and don't want to have to worry too much about coordinating my charms. That's when I go for bangles or simple silver bracelets. Today I happen to be wearing the Novobeads SOL Tree of Life Bangle

SOL Tree of Life Antique Silver Finish Bangle SOL Tree of Life Antique Silver Finish Bangle
Disclosure: I was not given any gold for writing this post. I did however receive this SOL Tree of Life Antique Silver Finish Bangle and the Novobeads Wild Rose Silk Wrap as a sample.

Apparently expandable wire bangles (made popular by Alex and Ani) are all the rage these days. I've seen similar looking bangles in several stores, and had been contemplating getting one. So I was pretty pleased when I received the SOL (Signs of Life) Tree of Life Bangle sample.

No, the box doesn't come with two bangles, I just thought it looked better with the bangle in each picture. The bangle comes in a reclosable plastic bag inside the box. I do store my bangle in that bag when I know I won't be wearing it for awhile. I figured it would help to reduce tarnishing.

Dimensions: The bangle is oval and is 6.5 cm long across and 5.8 cm from top to bottom.
The Tree of Life dangling charm is 20 mm in diameter and 2 mm thick, while the smaller Recycle and SOL logo charms are 6 mm in diameter and 1 mm in thick.

I really love SOL's interpretation of the Tree of Life. To me the twisted rope border represents the twisted roots of the tree in the soil below. The oxidation really shows the details quite nicely. I was also pleased to discover the sunburst etched look at the back of the charm. Much more interesting than if they had just left it blank. The backs of the smaller charms are left blank.
SOL Tree of Life Antique Silver Finish Bangle
Front and Back of Tree of Life Charm

SOL Tree of Life Antique Silver Finish Bangle
Recycle and SOL logo charms

Pro: Comes in a cute little box which is perfect for gifting. I also like the little blurb in the insert of the box that explains what the sign represents.

Pro: Oval shaped. This makes the bangle very comfortable as it conforms to the shape of your wrist. Although I personally haven't really found circular bangles to be uncomfortable. Additionally since the charms are flat, the charms do not dig into your wrist when typing.

Pro: Affordable. In general, less than a cost of a charm bead, unless you get a good sales deal when buying a charm bead.

Pro: Made from recycled metal (hence the inclusion of the little recycle charm) and is lead and nickel free.

Con: Since it is just plated with a silver finish, the coating will wear off with time, revealing a copper tone underneath.

I tried to capture a picture showing this, but colors can be tricky especially as the copper color is rather faint. If you look at the loops connecting the top and bottom of the bangle, you can see the silver finish has rubbed off a little.
SOL Tree of Life Antique Silver Finish Bangle
Rubbed off silver finish with copper undertone

Pro: Adjustable width. This is true of all types of expandable wire bangles. I have small wrists and when I first put this on, it was far too big. I compressed it several times, bending and shaping it a little until I was happy with the fit. I squished it to be about 6.3 cm (from 6.5 cm) across and 5.2 cm (from 5.8 cm) from top to bottom.

Unfortunately I should have been a little more careful when I was compressing it, and there are little nicks showing the copper tone underneath.

SOL Tree of Life Antique Silver Finish Bangle
Nicks on Bangle

Con: The charm jump rings are not welded shut. Not sure how likely it is for the charm to get caught on something and come off but it is something to note.

Con: This bangle is not made to allow additions of charms. It is to be worn as is. I suppose technically you could use a pair of pliers and add a jump ring to a charm and add it on if desired.

Conclusion: I like these bangles. I think they are fun and I think they'll look gorgeous stacked. I only own one right now, so alas no pictures of me wearing them stacked. I do however have a picture of it with a silk wrap. I think it looks quite pretty like this. The bangle also comes in an Antique Gold Finish.

Remember though, this is not fine jewelry so you will see the plating come off with use as mentioned above. As usual, here are some pictures of the bangle in action. Enjoy!
Novobeads Wild Rose Silk Wrap, SOL Tree of Life BangleNovobeads Wild Rose Silk Wrap, SOL Tree of Life Bangle
Reusing picture from Novobeads Silk Wraps Review

SOL Tree of Life Antique Silver Finish Bangle
Hanging out on the front porch enjoying the warm weather

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  1. This is something I just have to have. I am probably going to gift this to myself lol. Its really great of you to share this with us. Great stuff. Thanks for posting. Love it.