Tuesday, July 29, 2014

In honor of World Trollbeads Day

On August 1st Trollbeads will be celebrating their first World Trollbeads Day. To commemorate the occasion, Trollbeads is releasing a special Limited Edition Silver Bead. Currently it is all hush, hush and kept under wraps with a few hints dropped on Snapchat.

Official info:

Anyhoo, CharmsAddict currently has a giveaway (LE charm, leather bracelet and clasp) sponsored by Trollbeads in honor of this occasion. Well, here's my entry photo that I used.

I often find little fuzzy green caterpillars in my broccoli that I buy from the farmer's markets. I'm rather fond of the little fellas and sometimes stick them in a jar with some broccoli leaves and watch them eat, poop, spin a cocoon and eventually become a Cabbage White Butterfly!

So, on this bracelet are my two little caterpillars who met while munching on the same leaf and fell in love.
Trollbeads Aqua Edge Petals, Orange Pod, Ghost Fighter, White Heart, Ms. Ghost Fighter, Red Pod, Aqua Edge Pumpkin
From left to right: All beads are Trollbeads
Aqua Edge Petals
Orange Pod
Ghost Fighter
White Heart
Ms. Ghost Fighter
Red Pod
Aqua Edge Pumpkin

Just for fun, after creating my bracelet, I googled caterpillar images and found these cuties. Guess my imagined caterpillars aren't that outlandish after all.
Cecropia Moth Caterpillar
Cecropia Moth Caterpillar

Wish me luck in that I will win in the drawing. That's as close to the festivities as I'm going to be able to get as I won't be able to visit a local retailer on that day. Hope you are all having fun with World Trollbeads Day too!

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  1. I really hope you win in this drawing! You deserve it. I actually laughed at the designs of the bracelets. Thank you this! Hope you win.