Friday, October 3, 2014

Pandora Dragon Dangle Review

My mother and son were both born in the year of the Water Dragon. As such, I had been on the lookout for a dragon charm. I instantly fell in love with the Pandora Dragon Dangle when I saw it, as I felt that it captured the fluidity of a Water Dragon. This Dragon Dangle is a Chinese Dragon and not an European Dragon.

Water Dragon
Water Dragon

The Pandora Dragon Dangle was initially released as Limited Edition in Asia in 2012 celebrating the Chinese New Year (Silver and Two-toned). Then in 2013 the Silver Dragon Dangle was re-released in the US as part of the Chinese Zodiac Dangles. However, the Dragon Dangle wasn't meant to stay for too long. It was recently retired Summer of 2014.

When I heard about the retirement, I quickly snapped it up, and I am glad I did.  I really love this dangle.
Pandora Dragon Dangle
Novobeads Tropical Ice Mini CZ, Pandora Dragon Dangle, Novobeads Indigo Horizon Mini CZ
Worn on Pandora Bangle

Disclosure: I was not give any gold for writing this post. I did however receive samples of the Novobeads Tropical Ice Mini CZ, Twilight Silk Wrap and White & Clear Macaroon. Everything else, I either looted off mobs or bought with my own gold.

Markings: The S925 metal stamp denoting sterling silver is on the "top" side of the ring that connects to the dangle while the ALE (for Algot Enevoldsen -- father of Pandora founder) is located on the "bottom" side of the ring.

Pandora Dragon Dangle
S925 and ALE metal stamps

Dimensions: 5 mm diameter hole (threaded) in charm holder ring
8 mm diameter of charm holder ring
4 mm depth of Dragon

** Measurements are based on my not so scientific ruler and eyeball.

Pandora Dragon Dangle
Pandora Dragon Dangle Measurements

The Dragon dangle is not just flat on the back. In the pictures below you can see his features clearly defined on the back. The left side view shows his lovely spines and his snout (round in the middle) that peeks out. The right side view his spines and his adorable foot. Interestingly enough this poor dragon only has 2 feet instead of 4, so in a sense the dangle is still somewhat 2 dimensional.

Pandora Dragon Dangle
Back and Side Views

Pro: Large diameter hole making it compatible with other charm bracelet brands.

Pandora Dragon Dangle Pandora Dragon Dangle
Worn with Pandora Sterling Silver Bracelet with Crazy Clips Reusing the picture I took for my Novobeads Silk Wrap Review

Conclusion: I highly recommend this Dragon Dangle. I think it looks absolutely lovely. I just wish it hadn't been retired so quickly. As it is, my local dealers no longer carry this charm.


  1. Have one for husband born 52...rat for me 60 baby...they're both nice...thanks for the post.

    1. I myself am born in the year of the horse, but haven't yet found a horse charm that I absolutely adore yet. Thank you for stopping by!

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