Friday, September 19, 2014

Novobeads Pirate Charm Review

Ahoy matey! Let me tell you about this lovely treasure I found in me latest treasure huntin' excursion. Ain't she a beaut. Truly worthy of adorning me wrist.

Novobeads Pirate Disclosure: I was not given any gold for writing this post. I did however receive samples of t' Novobeads Pirate, Beer Stein and Black Silk Wrap. Everything else, I either pillaged or plundered or bought with me own gold.

I heard about t' Dread Ship Vazuvius at t' Timeless Isle and her treasure filled holds, and embarked on an adventure to conquer and make her treasure me own. Tis' a tale o' its own, how some pirate friends and I summoned the Dread Ship Vazuvius and battled her. It was no easy task, but at last her defenses were broken and we boarded her. I filled me bags with gold, and found a map marking a spot on t' shores o' the Timeless Isle.

The map I didn't share as I viewed it as me share o' the plunder. I quietly left the ship and went digging and look what I found!

Talk Like a Pirate Day Bracelet

I cleaned her up and inspected her to determine her value. Arr... a lovely clear crystal eye patch winkin' back at me.

Markings: I noted the Novobeads symbol and 925 metal stamp denoting sterling silver on her back.

I did a little more research and discovered Jimin Park as being the designer. Aye a worthy find!

Dimensions: 12 mm wide (along the bracelet), 8 mm deep, 12 mm high

From the pictures you can see that t' side holes are in t' shape of a snowman.
The side hole is 5 mm wide and 7 mm high.

** Measurements are based on my not so scientific ruler and eyeball.

Novobeads Pirate Novobeads Pirate
Back View Side Views

Novobeads Pirate
Top and Bottom View

Pro: Large diameter hole making it compatible with other charm bracelet brands.

Con: Hole can be too large. If ye look at t' side view, ye can see t' hole looks like a little snowman. Perhaps this pirate was killed by a spear through his helmet and head. Because o' the additional small hole on the top, this allows t' large ring end of the bracelet to slide through as shown below. As such, do NOT, I repeat do NOT wear this bead on the end of bracelets with ring ends. I recommend using stoppers or having other beads for the ends.This is not an issue if ye be wearing it on bracelets with built in clasps.

Novobeads Pirate
See how the large ring end can slide right through?

Novobeads Pirate
Front and Side View

Talk Like a Pirate Day Bracelet
Me Pirate Bracelet

Conclusion: I love me treasure find. Her crystal eye patch do be adding just a little extra shine to yer wrist. I also love t' fine detail of her teeth. I am however not fond o' the too large opening, as it makes it far too easy to drop 'er while doing bead play.

Hope me treasure huntin' tale kept ye amused. Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!
Are ye talking like a Pirate today?
Talk Like a Pirate Day Wrap Bracelet Talk Like a Pirate Day Bracelet
From Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

Trollbeads Inner Glow
Trollbeads Florence
Novobeads Pirate
Trollbeads Milan
Trollbeads Inner Glow

Worn on Novobeads Black Silk Wrap
Clockwise from top:

Sea Urchin
Novobeads Beer Stein

Trollbeads Milan
Trollbeads Joyful
Trollbeads Small and Beautiful Unique

Novobeads Pirate
Novobeads Eternity

Novobeads Electric Anchor Slide
Novobeads Safety Chain
Novobeads Nautilus Clasp
Novobeads Electric Anchor Slide

Worn on Novobeads Silver Bracelet
I have my mini "homemade" silver stoppers around each grouping to keep them at their stations.


  1. Ooh, nice bracelet! If you are looking for other pirate themed beads, Ohm Beads has arrr!, ahoy, spaghetti monster, and pirate ship.

    1. Thanks! I have seen those beads, they are great! Alas, with my funds all booked on gifts for the holiday season, I'm having to be good with bead purchases for the time being.

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