Thursday, October 23, 2014

Novobeads Jack O' Lantern Review

October is one of my favorite months. Mainly for the lovely fall colors and Halloween. During this time, I have in the past indulged in carving pumpkins of my own design.

2003 Pumpkin Carving

With that in mind, I went and pulled out my Novobeads Jack O' Lantern charm. I figured it would be fun to have a simple bracelet honoring the Great Pumpkin. Oh? You've never heard of the Great Pumpkin?
"On Halloween night, the Great Pumpkin rises out of his pumpkin patch and flies through the air with a bag of toys for all the children."
Linus van Pelt

Voila! And here is my Great Pumpkin rising from his Pumpkin Patch.

Novobeads Jack O' Lantern
All Glass Beads are Trollbeads
Green Pod, Aqua Edge Petals, Novobeads Jack O' Lantern, Aqua Edge Pumpkin, Orange Pod

Disclosure: I was not given any gold for writing this post.
I did however receive samples of the Novobeads Jack O' Lantern and Pumpkin Silk Wrap. Everything else, I either looted off mobs or bought with my own gold.

Markings: The 925 metal stamp denoting sterling silver is on the bottom-right of the frowny face Jack O' Lantern, with the Novobeads symbol below the 925 stamp.
Joe Silvera is the artist who designed this fun and quirky charm.

Novobeads Jack O' Lantern

So the thing I love about this charm is the fact that one side has a Smiley Jack O' Lantern while the other side has a Frowny Jack O' Lantern. Depending on my mood when I put him on, I may or may not have him smiling. I have to say in general, I tend to have a fondness for the grumpy face. This is not to say that I am a grump on a regular basis, but I am a troll after all.

Novobeads Jack O' Lantern
Smile (Front) and Frown (Back)

Dimensions: 5 mm diameter hole, 11 mm wide (along the bracelet), 10 mm deep, 12 mm high
** Measurements are based on my not so scientific ruler and eyeball.

I really like the detailing on this charm as well. In my opinion it does a great job capturing the likeness of the pumpkin. Just look at the lovely stem.

Novobeads Jack O' Lantern
Top, Bottom and Side View

Novobeads Jack O' Lantern
Front and Side Views 

Pro: Large diameter hole making it compatible with other charm bracelet brands.

Conclusion: I am very fond of my little Jack O'Lantern. I've been wearing it all month so far and I'm even contemplating purchasing another one, so I can have one face smiling and the other frowning on the same bracelet.

Are you all having fun with your Halloween bracelets?

Novobeads Jack O' Lantern
Worn on Novobeads Pumpkin Silk Wrap
Novobeads Citron Mini CZ, Jack O' Lantern, Hushed Forest Mini CZ


  1. I had completely forgotten about the great pumpkin! I watched that every year as a kid. I might have to search it out now and expose my kids to it :D

    I love that the pumpkin has two faces! And the glass are perfect - a very inspired use of the native elements kit :)

    1. Thanks! Hope your kids enjoy the Great Pumpkin as much as you did. "I got a rock." hehe.

  2. Love the bead and it looks fab on your wrap, very pumpkin like colours!

    Mars xx

    1. Thanks! I love my wraps, but lately haven't worn them as much. Have started transitioning to long sleeve tops so it doesn't work as well. :)