Monday, June 30, 2014

Sparkly Sprockets Charm Review

I love this cute sparkly charm. It's just as pretty in person as it is in the stock photo. It's not a ThinkGeek exclusive so you might be able to find it elsewhere, probably under a different name.

I tried to get decent shots, but I'm just using my phone camera and sparkly things are so hard to photograph, but I hope this still gives you a good idea of how it looks in real life.

Sparkly Sprockets

This sterling silver charm has 6 teeth with 6 crystals. There is a 925 stamp on one of the teeth on the side and it has interior threads. Looking at it from the top, it resembles a gear and ThinkGeek thought it would appeal to steampunk lovers and makers.

Sparkly Sprockets
Top view

Sparkly Sprockets
Front and Side View

Here are my measurements using a ruler. So not super accurate.

3 mm width (along the bracelet)
9.5 mm overall diameter or height on bracelet
4 mm diameter of hole (threaded)

This does show a discrepancy between what I measured and what is advertised.
So do keep this in mind if you should choose to purchase one for yourself.

Pro: Reasonably priced.

Pro: The crystals appear to be in quite a secure setting. I have been wearing it quite a bit, and haven't had any issues with the crystals falling out.

Con: Unfortunately for me, this charm did not fit my Silver ThinkGeek European-Style Bracelet. It seems like it should almost fit. It was catching on the crimp end cap of the chain. I can probably force it through or take a pair of pliers and try to squeeze the end cap a little more but I didn't want to do so. I didn't want to end up damaging the bracelet or the bead. Other owners of the bracelet may have better luck than me.

Sparkly Sprockets
Sparkly Sprockets on the crimp end (part you slide charms on) of the ThinkGeek Bracelet

Pro: It fits my Trollbeads bracelet. Yay! So for one year, my poor charms (I own a pair -- you can read how that came to be here) languished in my jewelry box. Then I bought a Trollbeads bracelet and found that it fits. Hooray.

After that I received the LE Circle of Love Pandora Bangle for Mother's Day, and found that it fits the Pandora Bangle as well.

This is because this charm is threaded on the inside and thus can screw onto threaded ends of the Bangle. I presume since it works on my bangle that it should work on the regular silver Pandora bracelet as well.

Con: I recently bought a Pandora Single Leather bracelet and found that the Sparkly Sprocket does not fit on there.

Sparkly Sprockets
Sparkly Sprockets Threaded Core

Here are my pair of Sparkly Sprockets in action on my Trollbeads bracelet. I used them in my Memorial Day Bracelet as well.

Trollbeads, Sparkly Sprockets Charm Bead

From left to right:
Small Silver Stopper (my own "homemade")
Trollbeads Beige Bubbles
Sparkly Sprockets (bought from ThinkGeek)
Trollbeads Unique Translucent Orange Fluer de Lis
Sparkly Sprockets (bought from ThinkGeek)
Trollbeads Beige Bubbles
Small Silver Stopper (my own "homemade")

Conclusion: This is a lovely charm bead and if you like shiny things I highly recommend it. I think it works really well as a spacer bead and I am glad that I have two. This concludes my reviews on all the charms on my first charm bracelet.

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