Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mother's Day 2014 Pandora Limited Edition Circle of Love Bangle Review

Several weeks before Mother's Day, I saw an advertisement for the Pandora Limited Edition Circle of Love Bangle. I thought it was absolutely gorgeous and coveted it for myself. I sent a link to my husband and told him that I was thinking of purchasing it. Well, he ended up surprising me and buying it and giving it early to me. Well, he had our daughter give it to me. :)

Pandora Limited Edition Circle of Love Bangle
Mother's Day 2014 Pandora Limited Edition Circle of Love Bangle with Porcelain Gift Box

Now, you are probably wondering why I'm reviewing this now so late in the game. Well, for one, I just started this blog. And initially I thought I would just write posts of my beads in the same order I received/bought them. I also thought that since this was a Pandora's Limited Edition Mother's Day Bangle, that once Mother's Day was over, they wouldn't sell it anymore. How silly of me.

Anyways, since I've figured out that they are still selling this Bangle, I figured I'd post a review now. I know other people have long since posted their reviews, but hey, I can always add my 2 cents. It might help you decide if you wanted to get one while it is still available.

This lovely Pandora Circle of Love Bangle is a Limited Edition for Mother's Day 2014.
It is sterling silver with a round barrel clasp. The barrel clasp has a pink cubic zirconia pavé heart (24 pink CZs) on one side and the Pandora logo on the other. It comes together with a porcelain gift box. The porcelain box is not anti tarnish so you will probably want to store it in the little plastic bag it comes in when you aren't wearing it regularly.
Pandora Limited Edition Circle of Love Bangle Pandora Limited Edition Circle of Love Bangle
Pink Pavé Heart Pandora Logo

This bangle comes in 3 sizes: Small (17 cm), Medium (19 cm) and Large (21 cm). I have the small and I find it very comfortable.

Pro: Great value! It costs just a little bit more to get this bangle versus the regular Pandora bangle, and it comes with the porcelain gift box.

Pro: Wonderful secure clasp. I'm never worried about the clasp opening by accident.

Pro: The CZ heart is in a true pavé setting so I don't have to worry about any CZs falling out unlike the ThinkGeek Bling Mushroom.

Pandora Limited Edition Circle of Love Bangle Pandora Limited Edition Circle of Love Bangle
S925 ALE Stamp is found inside the barrel clasp Side view of Clasp

There is a bit of a learning curve with handling the clasp. You use your fingernail to open it up and you need to place the rod end of the bracelet into the u-shaped groove. Some ladies might prefer to use a Pandora Clasp Opener or maybe a Guitar Pick as a cheap alternative. I find that after getting used to it, it is very easy to open and close and certainly much easier than the traditional lobster clasp.

Pandora Limited Edition Circle of Love Bangle
Opening where you stick your fingernail to open clasp

The bangle is hollow and very light. It is very springy and has metal memory which allows you to easily push one end of the bangle to one side to make an opening for sliding in onto your wrist.

I like to use my wrist to push it open while I hold the other end with my other hand. Sorry I don't have a picture of that as I can't shoot with my phone camera while using my hands. :)

Pandora Limited Edition Circle of Love Bangle
Pushing the bangle open  ~~~  Bangle springs back into shape  ~~~  Placing rod into u-shaped groove to close

Pro: The clasp looks just like a bead (approximately 11 mm in diameter) and you can choose to twist the clasp to show the pavé heart or the pandora logo depending on your mood.

Pandora Limited Edition Circle of Love Bangle, Novobeads
Novobeads SeaShell, Novobeads Sunrise Mini CZ, Pandora Clasp, Novobeads Grapefruit Mini CZ

Con: Small core beads such as Trollbeads will not fit on the Pandora Bangle due to the threads at the end, making the opening approximately 4 mm in diameter even though the bangle itself is 3 mm in diameter.

Con: It scratches easily which is to be expected. My bangle has lots of tiny scratches on it already but it really doesn't bother me. I think it still looks very pretty.

Con: The bangle is round not oval. Some people find oval bangles to be more comfortable as it conforms to the wrist. Wearing it by itself, I have found it to not be an issue. However, when I do put a few beads on it, I find that I will push the beads away from the underside of my wrist when I am typing to be more comfortable.

I like wearing it plain or with a few beads sliding freely (not using any clips or stoppers). The beads naturally fall to the underside of the wrist. When wearing the bangle plain, the clasp will tend to fall down to the underside, but I like to play with it and reposition it on top as seen in the photo above.

Pandora Limited Edition Circle of Love Bangle, Novobeads
Sideview of Bangle

This is my first Pandora item and I haven't bought any charms yet. I am eyeing a few I would like to get but am probably going to wait for a promotion.

Conclusion: I highly recommend getting this bangle while it is still available if you like bangles and hearts. I liked it so much, I ordered one for my mother as well. In time for Mother's Day of course.
She has a regular Pandora Bangle and she loves to stack the two.


  1. This bangle is so pretty! I'm thinking about getting it! =)

    1. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do if you get one. :)