Tuesday, May 20, 2014

ThinkGeek Bling Mushroom Charm Review

This charm caught my eye and was the reason for the purchase of my first charm bracelet. Well, that and the small sale that was going on at the time. :)

This charm is a ThinkGeek exclusive and would work great to represent the 1-up Mushroom from the Nintendo game Mario.

Nintendo Mario 1-Up Mushroom

I love, love the Bling Mushroom. It is completely gorgeous and though I was never a good Mario player, it still brings a smile to my face when I see it.

The charm is sterling silver and covered with pavé green and clear crystal rhinestones.
There is a 925 stamp on the bottom of the mushroom stalk. My measurements using a ruler match up with the product specs as advertised.

Dimensions: 14 mm wide (along the bracelet), 5 mm diameter hole. The height is approximately 14 mm as well.

Pro: Having a large diameter hole, I assume it would fit other competing brand bracelets as well.

Bling Mushroom Charm Bead
Front, Bottom and Side View

Con: The downside is after a few wears, my poor Mushroom has started losing some stones. 9 stones to be exact. So, this charm might require a bit more care when wearing it. No wearing this charm when heading off to battle!

I'm not the most careful of trolls. I have two little trollings to chase around and with this delicate bead, I am afraid of losing more stones. As a safer alternative I recommend wearing it as a pendant. I think it looks quite cute here too.

ThinkGeek Mushroom Bling Charm

It's a very lovely charm but the pavé stones are just not secure enough for my liking. Think carefully about how you intend to wear this charm before purchasing. If you are klutz like me, you might want to consider passing this one up.

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