Monday, December 8, 2014

Trollbeads Share a Christmas Card 2014

I heard about the Trollbeads Share a Christmas Card event sometime in the middle of November, and promptly signed up for it. I thought it was a great idea, and I've always loved stamps from different countries. As an added bonus, gifts can be won every day in December.

I received my addresses not long after, and I had all good intentions of getting my cards out early. Of course, it being the holiday season, with Thanksgiving coming up, I was busy and ended up putting it off for later. After coming back from visiting relatives for Thanksgiving, I was greeted with some lovely cards.

Trollbeads Share a Christmas Card 2014
From the Netherlands, Japan, Danmark, Germany and France

Well, obviously I was far too slow and need to get my card out! Where did the time go? So I went online and uploaded my picture and proceeded to make my card. I finished it, got an email confirmation saying that my order would be ready the next day after 3 pm.

I head to the store after work, and "Bah, Humbug!" it was not ready yet. Too many people printing out holiday cards. Instead of just visiting the store everyday, I just called to check each day. I did finally get them, and mailed them this morning! Hooray!

So here I am sharing the card I made with all of you as well. I personalized the card a little more at the back of the card to each Troll friend. Merry Christmas everyone!

Trollbeads White Stripe, Snowball, Light Blue Shadows, Blizzard Tassel, Mistletoe and White Steel
Edited to remove name and Troll ID


  1. I love your card :) I'm glad that you were able to get them in time - nothing like being told something will be ready and then it's not!

    I also like getting cards from different places and also getting the little greetings on the Trollbeads site when people register the cards that I sent. And, who knows, maybe I'll even be lucky enough to win something ;) One of the people who I sent a card to was a winner already!

    1. I hope you win something! I'm generally not that lucky, but hope springs eternal!

      I just had a horrible thought though. I'm leaving to visit in-laws for a bit soon, and so if I receive cards during that time frame, I won't be able to register them in time and they won't get a chance at the drawing. Ack! I'm hoping I received all the cards that were going to be sent to me already.